Iraq Oil and Gas Show

Following the outstanding success of Powering Iraq and held for the first time in Baghdad, we are delighted to announce The Iraq Oil & Gas Show (IOGS). Officially co-hosted with the Ministry of Oil and the Government of the Republic of Iraq, The Iraq Oil & Gas Show will offer an unrivalled 2-day conference and exhibition on Iraq’s crucial hydrocarbon sector.

The Iraq Oil & Gas Show is unlike any other event, addressing the needs and challenges to an audience of leading policy makers, multinationals and government officials. The Iraq Oil & Gas Show will offer unique insight and analysis on all the key sectors within hydrocarbons. Do not miss out on this landmark event and join The Iraq Oil & Gas Show, the premier event focusing not only on upstream activities but also downstream refinery, petrochemicals and water provision. Come and discover a 2-day VIP conference program featuring the leading figures within the Iraqi market.

MidEast Dynamic Solutions is in charge of registration of Iraninan companies willing to participate in the Iraq Oil and Gas Show which is going to take place in Baghdad on 2, 3 March 2020. If you are inclined to take part in this event, feel free to contact us.