About Us

We are a network of local and international consultants, coaches and mentors agile in addressing the dynamic needs of Iranian organizations who strive to be the best they can be in competing at international level. We realize this by identifying, facilitating and developing the right connections, contacts and relationships by build bridges and develop businesses inside Iran. To do this we ensure the foundations of effective communications and business development are robust through the suite of training and coaching, capacity building and empowerment services we provide both independently and with the support of our extensive network.

Mission Statement

We make business in Iran efficient and effective through provision of coaching, consulting, and training services. We jointly identify the Iranian organizations’ critical business development and HR requirements. We facilitate the transfer of know-how and achievement of business results through the provision of in–house courses, seminars, exhibitions and conferences for the Iranian and international enterprises inside and outside Iran as well as the provision of logistical and administrative support for the international companies willing to work with Iran.

Vision Statement

To become an international hub for entrepreneurial leaders, enterprises, and professional associations (e.g. Chambers of Commerce and Trade offices) looking to do business with Iran. As a trustworthy gateway bridge, we strive to promote business inside Iran both domestically and internationally.