Our proven training, Coaching Consultancy and Capacity Building bridge the gap between existing Iranian Human resource practices and Benchmark International ways of working to maximize home grown Iranian Talent which can be helpful for expatriate to understand the nuanced way of doing business in Iran better. We teach and share experience so organizations and businesses could have deeper insight into the issues and challenges they are facing.

Capacity Building

Capacity building is a methodology for development that is used to identify barriers allow people, governments, international organizations and nongovernmental organizations to be able to identify their goals and let them achieve measurable and sustainable results. Capacity building is done through services offered such as coaching, consultancy and training which are provided by our local and international associates. 

Inside Iran

Enabling International businesses to develop their Iranian market

The World Bank highlights that Iran’s economy is characterized by the hydrocarbon sector, agriculture and services sectors, and a noticeable state presence in manufacturing and financial services. There is additionally a thriving SME and start up sector which provides a favorable opportunity for companies that are inclined to enter Iranian market. 

What we Do

Our role is to minimize the risks as we collaboratively help you capitalize on the massive opportunity. We help you or your organization navigate the ‘surprises’ and challenges and as some described it ‘opaque’ risks of doing business in Iran. We are a recognized and trusted center of expertise for enterprises, professional associations, chambers and trade offices seeking to enter, raise their profile or increase their sales within the Iranian market. Our professional experts in consultancy services help your organization improve collaboration with Iranian enterprises. For those who might want to test or enter the market through providing services or purchasing products such as food, minerals, petrochemicals, handicrafts, etc., we have the right connections to enable you to cultivate and deliver on opportunities. We help you operate effectively within the Iranian cultural context to negotiate and build strong commercial partnerships.

How we can help you

Our passion is to help you develop and deliver on possibilities by tapping on the existing opportunities. We accomplish this by acknowledging as our start point that business is personal. Business is only as good as the relationship, mutual understanding, trust that people working together have about what results they want to achieve. In this respect we set our standards high. We help international companies have a smooth touchdown in Iran.

Outside Iran

Enabling Iranian companies to develop internationally

We prepare Iranian organizations to not only think but act globally in promoting and developing their business outside Iran. Our start point is that effective personal communication, corporate presentation and awareness of international standards and cultural differences is central to success. Consultancy services can be a key element to success in surmounting cultural differences and rising international awareness in business for enterprises.  English has emerged as the common language for business. It’s critical today that certain employees and leaders can use English to promote their company and its products. This involves being able to engage others when describing the company’s position in the market, its history and its competitive position. Effective English is needed to ask the right questions, listen and respond to questions about specific products and services, and negotiate.

Challenges ahead

There are often national and cultural differences that act as barriers to effective communication. Intercultural differences combined with limited understanding of the basics of Business English can have a major but often invisible impact on international business. How Business English is used and understood on a website, by email, face-to-face as well as group meetings. Subtle but important cultural variations and misunderstandings can act as roadblocks to successful business relationships and product promotion.

Our Promise

We help your staff adapt to and demonstrate intercultural competence and build better relationships with global professionals implementing our consultancy services. We have expertise in Teaching English as a foreign language and extensive experience in helping business professionals prepare international conference presentations. We help you and your leaders and sales negotiators get your messaging streamlined and get a positive persuasive message across in both informal networking and formal conference presentations.